Fresh Local Food


Tuesday-Thursday 11am to 8pm

Friday-Saturday 11am to 9pm

Sunday 11am to 7pm

Closed Mondays

Lunch is served until 4pm


3645 Pleasant Valley Road
Lucas, OH 44843

GPS coordinates:
40.65073º N , 82.379536º W


Good food is simple food. At the Malabar we do our best to source the freshest local ingredients and prepare them simply, focusing only on flavor.


The Malabar Farm Restaurant, located in beautiful Pleasant Valley in southern Richland County, holds a rich history all its own. Completed in 1820 by David Schrack and his sons, the two story home was made from bricks formed on site.

The foundation of the home was made from hand-hewn sandstone blocks quarried just 300 feet from this building. The four foot thick walls still stand as a silent tribute to the dedicated work done by this frontier family nearly 180 years ago. The Schracks built their home along one of the busiest routes of the day. Pleasent Valley Road had its roots as an early animal trail, a path used by Native Americans and later an important trade route for a young Ohio.

In 1941 the Schrack Place became part of the Malabar Farm, home of the Pulitzer Prize winning author, farmer and conservationist Louis Bromfield.

Bromfield said he hoped to open a restaurant featuring a French chef in the Schrack Place. He never got the chance, but he did use the spring beside the home as a market stand to sell his farm-fresh produce. Since 1976, Malabar Farm has been a State Park, charged with reflecting the agricultural tradition of Ohio and preserving Louis Bromfield's heritage and philosophies. Tours of the farm are offered to visitors year-round.